Robot Soldier

Dusan kovic robotsoldier arvids setup wip v01 11 4k

raw render (no post production)

Dusan kovic robot channels

Texture channels

Dusan kovic robot soldier 12a

UVs layed out per material.

Dusan kovic robo soldier 10
Dusan kovic presentation

Front page of the presentation

Robot Soldier

This is another awesome collaboration with Arvid Schneider. Our task was to create an asset for Arnold GPU Presentation on Nvidia GPU Technology Conference (GTC).

My part of the task was to do the UVs and paint textures in Mari. Deadline was tight, but we managed to finish everything in about three weeks.

FInal render was rendered with the upcoming GPU version of Arnold.

You can watch Adrien Herubel presenting some of the features of the GPU Arnold on the following link:

Arvid did scene setup, lighting and lookdev of the robot.

Arvid is Lighting Technical Director at Industrial Light & Magic. He also creates great Arnold tutorials and writes tools for lookdev, lighting and similar. You can check his stuff on the following links:

Youtube -
Twitter -
Art Station -